Sticker fitting

Thanks for purchasing your genuine HXRNY sticker.

Please see below for a few helpful tips to ensure you get the best life for your sticker.

Please make sure the sticker you've received is the one you ordered. After all, we are human and sometimes errors happen! Once the sticker is fitted we are unfortunately unable to exchange the item should it be the wrong style/colour.

Make sure the area you are applying the sticker to is clean and free from chemicals and cleaning products. This is very important as some products leave a thin layer behind, which may stop the sticker from taking hold properly.

In cold weather it is advised that the area where you are placing the sticker is heated gently please make sure that you don´t wash the car for 48hours. This is to help prevent moisture from getting behind the sticker once fitted.

We also would recommend that you get a friend to help with fitting the larger stickers.

Please be aware if the sticker is in an area where it may come into contact with a wiper blade, you unfortunately will be liable for any damage.

Please take care when cleaning the area where your sticker is placed. Our detailed sticker designs, however if scrubbed or washed with a pressure washer, the sticker may peel.


Our Team H X R N Y